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Engage with your audience with video content marketing

Online video viewings and engagement is GROWING – let us help you be part of it; no surprise as video marketing improves audience engagement.

Video advertising and short video takeover (60 seconds) is the next step in making your brand stand out from the crowd.

We put together a highly effective video advertising campaign plan, then we then partner up with videographers or video production companies to produce the right video for your audience, advertising campaign, goals,  and budget.

We can share your video on multiple platforms, including – You-Tube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more, Facebook, websites, email newsletters, digital magazines, advertisements, TV campaigns, events, and presentations,

We can offer solutions for cross-marketing platforms meaning your target audiences who will see your adverts whether they are – we cover mobile, tablet and laptop.

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Create interactivity and user interest

Video advertising will help create higher levels of interactivity and user interest in whatever is being promoted. Well produced videos are both fun and informative to watch; this will encourage an audience to come back for more.

Rank well in search engines

 Well-made videos rank extraordinarily well in search engines due to descriptive tags that can associate with them and the partnership between video sites and search engines, such as YouTube & Google.

Others will share it

An entertaining, funny or informative video can quickly be spread around the internet. If one person likes the video it may be shared with others. It may even go viral. This increases the reach and scope of advertising without you having to do any additional work.

Video content should be part of your social media strategy and marketing communications plan for the brand and business.

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